BS 4142 - Rating industrial noise affecting mixed residential and industrial areas

Sound Planning conducts industrial noise assessments in conjunction with BS4142.

BS 4142 (British Standard 4142: 1997) is a method for rating industrial and commercial noise sources when brought into mixed residential and industrial areas.

BS 4142 requires a background noise assessment of existing ambient noise levels prior to the installation of new equipment; industrial equipment can include any of the following:

  • Air Conditioning Systems
  • Kitchen Extraction Systems
  • Fans (see above)
  • AHU's
  • HVAC Sstems
  • Generators
  • Chillers
  • Extraction Systems (see above)
  • External Condensers
  • Workshops

A BS4142 noise assessment involves underataking a background noise assessment prior to commissioning the proposed equipment (or switching off equipment if BS4142 assessment is retrospective).

BS4142 then gives guidance on the calculation methodology adopted when predicting noise at the nearest noise sensitive locations e.g. residential dwellings.

Assessment criteria is then provided within BS 4142: 1997 in the evaluation of whether the proposed equipment is likely to cause complaint.

If the BS4142 noise assessment concludes that complaints are likely, Sound Planning constructs a noise mitigation strategy which meets the demands of BS 4142; the Local Planning Athority and the client.

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